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Production of wine began in Turkey over 7,000 years ago making it the oldest wine producing region in the world. This legacy of the vine is displayed over and over again in the beautifully complex and versatile bottles we see from Turkey.

Due to this large region and proximity to three different expansive bodies of water ( The Aegean Sea, The Black Sea & The Mediterranean Sea) all the wines from the main regions vary greatly in flavor, richness & body. Because of this we are proud to offer near endless possibilities of wine flavors to match any meal you will have. Please ask your server with wines pair well with your dinner selection.


*Due to popularity and season change some wines may be temporary unavailable.

*All of our bottles of wine are also available for retail purchase at a discounted price for you to enjoy home or to offer as a unique gift to someone special! Please ask your server if you are interested in purchasing a bottle of wine to go.


SELDA RED   -     Our house red blend, medium bodied with slight spice.    $8 / $28

KALECIK KARASI    -     Light bodied and floral, like a Pinot Noir.    $11 / $39 

YAKUT    -     A blend of Turkeys most popular grape varietals (Bogazkere & Okuzgozu) creates a well-balanced, bold, rich combination with slight spice on the finish.    $11 / $39

SELECTION    -     The finest wine of Turkey, smooth, full bodied elegant richness.    $13 / $45

OKUZGOZU    -     Red and black fruits with a round body and a hint of ripe cherries.    $11 / $39

PAPASKARASI    -    This ancient grape varietal is light bodied and rich in flavor.    $12 / $43

ROSE    -    Fresh bright fruit balances with slight sweetness.    $11 / $39

DANTE    -    California Cabernet Sauvignon, full bodied and rich in character.    $12 / $39


SELDA WHITE    -    Our house white blend, medium dry with fruit notes.    $8 / $28

MISKET    -     Beautifully sweet and smooth, an amazing competitor to Riesling.    $11 / $39 

EMIR     -     Citrus peel and white flowers finish with pear and fennel pollen.    $11 / $39 

CANKAYA     -     A buttery start with a crisp finish, smooth & dry.    $11 / $39

KARMENA     -     Floral and smooth start with citrus bite and slight buttery notes.    $11 / $39

NARINCE     -     Thin skinned and floral, this delicate grape makes a regal and smooth wine.     $11 / $39

CHAMLINJA BLANC DE NOIRS     -    * TOP PICK!  High toned crisp and lively, this wine is an experience that will please the whole table.    $12 / $42

                   16 oz Draft Beer  $6                   

                    Bottled Beer                   

Stella Artois    -    European Pale Lager

Widmer Brothers  - Hefeweizen

Georgetown    -  Porter

Mac & Jack    -  African Amber

Elysian Brewing    - Space Dust IPA

Efes    -    Pale Lager $5

Efes NA    -     Pale Lager $5

Budweiser    -    Lager $4

Bud Light   -     Lager $4

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