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10 Must-Try Turkish Dishes at Mediterranean Breeze in Kent, Washington

Discover the vibrant flavors of Turkish cuisine at Mediterranean Breeze, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Kent, Washington. This charming restaurant offers an extensive menu of mouthwatering dishes, all prepared with authentic ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to 10 must-try Turkish dishes that showcase the rich culinary heritage of this Mediterranean country. From scrumptious appetizers to satisfying mains and delightful desserts, Mediterranean Breeze has something for everyone!

  1. Lahmacun: Start your culinary journey with Lahmacun, a deliciously thin and crispy flatbread topped with a flavorful mixture of minced meat, vegetables, and spices. This Turkish "pizza" is perfect for sharing and pairs beautifully with a side of fresh salad or yogurt dip.

  2. Cheese Pide: Savor the warm, gooey goodness of Cheese Pide, a boat-shaped flatbread filled with a blend of melty cheeses and aromatic herbs. Baked to perfection in a stone oven, this comforting dish is a true crowd-pleaser.

  3. Vegan Kofte Platter: Mediterranean Breeze caters to all dietary preferences with its Vegan Kofte Platter, featuring delicious pan-fried koftes made from lentils, chickpeas, and herbs. Served alongside a zesty mixed salad and fluffy steamed rice, this plant-based dish is sure to satisfy.

  4. Traditional Manti: Delight in the delicate flavors of Traditional Manti, bite-sized dumplings filled with seasoned ground meat and steamed to perfection. Topped with a savory tomato sauce and creamy yogurt, this dish is a true Turkish delight.

  5. Adana Shish Kebab: Experience the succulent and spicy taste of Adana Shish Kebab, featuring skewered ground meat seasoned with a blend of spices, grilled to perfection over an open flame. Served with rice, salad, and warm bread, this dish is the epitome of Turkish cuisine.

  6. Chicken Shish Kebab: For a lighter option, try the Chicken Shish Kebab, tender marinated chicken pieces grilled on skewers, served with rice, salad, and a tangy garlic sauce. This dish is a testament to the versatility of Turkish flavors.

  7. Ultimate Feast Party Plate: Celebrate with friends and family over the Ultimate Feast Party Plate, a generous platter of kofte, Adana shish kebab, chicken shish kebab, beef shish kebab, lamb shish kebab, chicken doner, and beef & lamb mix doner. Served with rice, Greek salad, and fries, this feast is perfect for sharing and indulging in the best of Mediterranean Breeze's offerings.

  8. Vegan Manti: Discover a plant-based twist on a classic with Vegan Manti, featuring tender dumplings filled with a seasoned mushroom and walnut mixture, drizzled with tangy tomato sauce and sumptuous garlic-infused olive oil.

  9. Pistachio Baklava: Indulge your sweet tooth with Pistachio Baklava, a heavenly dessert of flaky phyllo pastry layered with finely chopped pistachios and drizzled with fragrant syrup. This sweet treat is the perfect end to a delicious meal.

  10. Rice Pudding: Finish your culinary adventure with the creamy and comforting Rice Pudding, a traditional Turkish dessert made from slowly simmered rice, milk, and fragrant vanilla. A true classic that will leave you feeling satisfied and nostalgic.

Mediterranean Breeze in Kent, Washington is your go-to destination for an unforgettable Turkish dining experience. With a wide variety of dishes showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Turkey, you'll find something to satisfy every palate. Whether you're a fan of meaty delights or looking for plant-based options, Mediterranean Breeze has you covered. And with their warm and welcoming atmosphere, you'll feel right at home as you enjoy the delicious flavors of Turkey.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience these 10 must-try Turkish dishes at Mediterranean Breeze. Head over with friends and family, or plan your next special event at their cozy venue, which can accommodate up to 40 guests. With their attentive service, customizable catering menu, and inviting atmosphere, you're guaranteed a memorable dining experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a culinary journey to Turkey at Mediterranean Breeze in Kent, Washington, and discover the enticing flavors that have made this cuisine a favorite around the world. Be sure to tag us on social media and share your favorite dishes!

Remember to visit Mediterranean Breeze's website to explore their full menu, check out their event venue and catering services, and stay up-to-date with their latest promotions and events. Happy dining!

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