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Our Story

Chef/Owner Mehmet Sipahioglu was born and raised in Turkey and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 30. He has a rich background of business ventures, including working with fresh produce, and raising chickens & cattle. Mehmet's passion for quality food led him to opening his own restaurant and has been around the restaurant industry for a long time.

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In pursuit of new opportunities, Mehmet left his country for the United States in 2002. After his arrival to United States, he continued taking part in a variety of different businesses, meanwhile studying the market and constructing a vision for his dream restaurant that he would open one day. His vision was simple: source the best ingredients locally, prepare everything from scratch, then cook with wood-fire, while also providing his customers with a comfortable ambiance that provides traditional Turkish hospitality.  In the process of turning his dreams into a reality, he had the good fortune of having the best help from his son, Telat, who continues to support him with future projects.


Wood Fired Turkish Grill

By Mehmet Sipahioğlu

Our Vision




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Our Vision

Istanbul; the capital of the old world! 

And Seattle; the rising star of the West! 6,073 miles, three continents & two oceans away! East & West! 

Both cities are known as 7 hill cities! Now, both cities smell like Mediterranean Breeze!

From our seating sections to plates, authentic Turkish spices to handmade wall decorations all are from the old world`s capital, Turkey! We would love to host you, your family and friends with Turkish hospitality today! Are you ready to experience the East in the West! 





Mr. Sipahioglu, The Chef of Mediterranean Breeze says most of first time customers  expect traditional Mediterranean Restaurant or Middle Eastern cuisine before they experience our cuisine! That's why we chose this slogan for our brand to stand out;




The Mediterranean region spans three continents and tens of different cultures. Spain to Syria. Greece to Lebanon, Turkey, to Morocco! It is the gourmet capital of the world! Turkey connects both Europe and Asia continents. Istanbul is the historical and economic capital of Turkey, and it is where these two continents are connecting with three bridges and one underwater tunnel! It is not only connecting the continents though; it is connecting cultures, east to west, olive to pepper, beaches to mountains! This exceptional location enriches the Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine with the diversity of ingredients and high-quality products of Turkish organic farming. 

Our authentic perspective is not limited to our kitchen only also the restaurant furniture, the plates, our handmade decorations, silverware, cooking equipment, and other small details, have been imported from the capital of the old world, Turkey!

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